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Classroom News

Comments made about St. Joachim School and its students.

"She made a 100% on the Texas standardized testing! Proof that St. Joachim prepared her well."

"Your students are so well-behaved. It is a breath of fresh air."

"It was great having your group up here last Friday. I hope they truly had a good time, they were one of the best behaved classes I've had the pleasure of escorting around the Capitol!"

"Thank you for allowing me to be on the Board this year. The last few meetings have really gotten me excited for the future of the school. My goal was to bring the views of a "doubtful" parent as well as a "confident" parent. I see great things happening and we as a family are happy to get to continue the St. Joachim School tradition!" -- a Board Member

"(My son) has enjoyed attending school at St. Joachim this year. I feel this is a wonderful program and he has really advanced over the past year."

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